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Check out what the cast and crew do when the TV camera isn't rolling!!

Scott Foley and Sarah Chalke pose with a beluga whale during a break while shooting on location at Sea World.

Creator/Executive Producer Bill Lawrence
wondering "if this thing is wireless,
then what's with the wire."

Donald Faison imparts wisdom to those
he just schooled, "Be the ball Zach..."

Sarah Chalke vamps for the camera.

Zach Braff is clearly excited
about the early call...

Neil Flynn on his way to wardrobe, but
thinking to himself: "But I wear the
same outfit all the time???"

Donald Faison & Zach Braff laughing
at something off camera.

Sarah Chalke showing off her new
look mugs for the paparazzi...

Creator/Executive Producer Bill Lawrence laughs off camera with script supervisor Denise Karey, Co-Exec. Producer Tim Hobert & supervision producer Neil Goldman.
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