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SCRUBS Rounds with...

Donald Faison

Q: What quirk would you like to see Turk add now that he's married?
- Michael, Berkeley, CA
A: "Like most married couples, he has to stop playing video games."

Q: Hi Donald, After being a cast member of "Scrubs" for sometime now, have you ever had even the slightest urge to study medicine for real? Cheers!
- Melissa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A: "No, but I love playing one on TV."

Q: Hi Donald! I love your dancing! It is just so funny and cool too. Was the dancing choreographed by the crew/director/writer/someone else, or did they just tell you to do "your thing" on the set?
- Shane, Canberra, Australia
A: "They tell me to do my thing, and I take it from there."

Q: What do you enjoy most about working on "Scrubs"?
- Sergio, Omaha, NE
A: "Working with my amazing cast."

Q: Hey Donald! Are you and Zach friends outside the show? Because you look like perfect friends, and we love that. Another question: Are you still in touch with the "Felicity" cast? Thank you so much!
- Nicolas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A: "Zach and I are the best of friends on and off set. I love my 'Felicity' cast and Scott was just guest starring on Scrubs."

Q: Of all the guest stars on the show, who did you enjoy working with the most? Any interesting stories to share?
- Andrew, Tallahassee, FL
A: "Colin Farrell was so much fun."

Q: Is there really such a thing as scalp wax?
- Amy, Adelaide, Australia
A: "No."

Q: Have you ever had surgery, and would you trust Turk or "The Todd" if you were in need of any kind of surgery?
- Andrew, Mequon, WI
A: "I've had knee surgery. I'd love 'The Todd' but I would not like Turk."

Q: Are you anything like your character, Turk? You play him so wonderfully!
- Bjarki, Reykjavik
A: "I'm actually the exact opposite!"

Q: Do you play video games? If you do, which one is your favorite?
- Raymond, Los Angeles, CA
A: "Yes. Star Wars Galaxy."

Q: I notice you like to sing a lot on the show. Any chance of you appearing on anyone's album?
- David, Zion, IL
A: "Unfortunately, no."

Q: Donald, I've been following your career for a while now -- you're very talented! Do you have any movie projects in the works? When am I going to see you on the big screen again? Thanks so much!
- Kristi, Louisville, KY
A: "Yes, you can see me in New Line's 'King's Ransom' this March."

Q: Do you have a personal favorite moment from "Scrubs" over the past few seasons? A scene? A joke? (Sidenote: one of mine is when the Janitor is trying to bother Turk, and you deliver the line: "Dude, I'm not scared of you. Life's too good....I'm untouchable.")
- Mark, Rochester, NY
A: "I love every moment and can't single out just one!"

Q: Have you ever 'googled' your name just to see what comes up?
- Em, San Diego, CA
A: "No - what's Google?"

Q: If you hadn't had as much success as you have had in entertainment, what would have been your career plan #2 -- what was your secondary interest?
- Hannah, Fairfax, VA
A: "I would love to be a basketball player."

Q: Does the real Rowdy smell? And do you know where he came from? Love your work!
- JC, Perth, Australia
A: "He doesn't smell."

Q: Did you audition for "Scrubs," or did the producers approach you?
- Madeline, Ellicott City, MD
A: "I auditioned..."

Q: If you could be any other character in "Scrubs" other than Turk, who would you want to be and why?
- Jake, Luton, UK
A: "I love Turk too much to want to be someone else."

Q: This is probably a very casual question, but what do you guys do in your spare time? (I've always wondered about that...)
- Morten, Kristiansand, Norway
A: "Hang out at home with my friends."

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